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HCR International Business

Our Services

HCR International Business specializes in helping customers to apply for registered trademarks in Germany. We have a high success rate in acquiring the trademarks in Europe, which has a strong sense of confidentiality in this respect.

1. First of all, our company will collect your company or personal information to make full preparations to apply for a German trademark, and the prepare the adequate materials to submit to the German Trademark Office to improve the approval rate.

2. After submitting the necessary preparation materials for the application of a trademark, the German Trademark Office will carefully check the trademark application forms and samples, all the attached files, whether or not the contents of the application forms are authentic and valid, and whether or not all the application materials for trademark are in order. About 20 working days after submitting the materials, the German Trademark Office will issue a notice of acceptance for the trademark application.

3. The examination of a German trademark application is mainly based on whether or not the relevant applied trademark is distinctive and whether or not they meet the application requirements stipulated by the German trademark laws. It is the most meticulous process in which the German Trademark Office will make an evaluation decision and finally announce the results of the examination. If your trademark application passes the inspection, your trademark application process will enter the next stage, which is known as the preliminary trademark examination announcement stage.

4. In the preliminary trademark examination announcement stage, the Trademark Office will report your trademark application-related information to the public notice. This stage will last for three months. If there is no objection from any company or enterprise, then your trademark application is deemed successful. Congratulations! You have become the owner of the trademark and enjoy the protection of your trademark brand rights under the German trademark law.

5. After your trademark application is successful, your German trademark details will be recorded in the trademark register by the Trademark Office, and it will issue you with an official trademark registration certificate. The registration date will return to the day when you filed your trademark application.