Now you do not need to come to Germany in person to set up a company in Germany, please contact us for details.

HCR International Business

Our Services

We are also willing to assist the counter company to open sales channels in Germany. We will first place your company’s products in the German network channels, making them more accessible, and then let buyers place bulk orders:

It has the advantage to save you from searching for buyers door to door, enabling buyers to come to you to purchase goods naturally, and then sell them all over the world!

  1. You need to publish your product details and pictures by sending the mails and evaluate to ensure that the value of your products can be sold in Germany. It will help us in placing your company’s products on the German network, teaching you how to calculate German tax charges, and letting you sell your goods peacefully.
  2. We will develop a set of exclusive services for you, and customize business trip services for your needs, explain that you or your business are looking for the best investment projects and partners overseas. They include designated itineraries, transportation, hotel accommodation, organizing various business activities, and follow-ups. We are committed to creating the most suitable business inspection plans for you and providing the best services!