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We have value objects in Frankfurt, let us help you in investing in real estate in Germany.

If you do not understand enough about a house purchase in Germany or do not intend to participate in tedious transaction processes, we offer professional German real estate investment services. They include accompanying you in searching and viewing the houses until the completion of the transaction, transaction process supervision, daily care, property maintenance, relevant consulting services on tax issues, etc. We guarantee to let rest assured in homeownership and living.

Before buying a German property, the homebuyers should evaluate the following issues carefully: 

- Buying purpose (self-occupying, renting, or renting first and then renting out)

- Financial situation (whether or not your assets, income, and expenses can support the purchase plan)

- The amount of cash invested, whether or not this part of the funds is already in Germany

- Do you need to get a loan from a bank

If the homebuyers have prepared the above requirements in the early stage, they can screen the houses more precisely, avoiding detours or unsuccessful transactions in the later stages.

a. Finding the right property

For second-hand housing, the homebuyers should entrust a building quality assessor to determine the value of the property and possible defects. For off-plan properties, the homebuyers should entrust professionals to evaluate the documents first, such as building instructions, and other files. For domestic real estate investors, you should hire a real estate investment consultant.

b. Inspecting the land registration records

The homebuyers should check the property’s land registration records to learn about the property’s obligations regarding mortgages, road rights, construction rights, or other third party obligations. They also need to confirm whether or not another buyer has registered for the priority transfer of the house to avoid the situation of overselling one house.

c. Getting a loan (as needed)

If the homebuyers have the ability and are willing to use their funds to pay the multiple purchases of the house, they can ignore this step. However, if you want to get a bank loan, you need to determine the general framework conditions of the bank loan before signing the house purchase contract. The requirements for a German bank loan are related to residence conditions, income, employment relationships, and loan amounts.

d. Signing a house purchase contract

If the homebuyers and sellers have resolved all their concerns and agreed on prices and various other conditions, they can prepare a home purchase contract.

In Germany, it is mandatory to notarize a property sale contract to be valid. The German Notary Office is a neutral agency that oversees and assists with the completion of home purchase contracts and loan procedures. For domestic buyers with insufficient house purchasing experience, they should entrust a professional real estate lawyer to evaluate the contract terms.

e. Post-purchase procedures

After signing the contract, the notary will send the notarized contract to the buyer and seller and send a copy of the contract to the tax bureau, bank, land certificate administration, and other agencies. The homebuyers will receive bills and notices of fees from the notary offices, courts, and tax bureaus.

f. Paying for the house

When the payment and various conditions agreed in the contract are correct, the homebuyers will receive a payment notice from the notary office. Depending on the circumstances, the payment will be remitted to the seller’s account, the seller’s mortgage bank account, or the notary’s account.

g. Real estate transfer and change of property rights

For the existing houses, the homebuyers must pay all the payment before the property transfer. For off-plan properties, the homebuyers can pay for the house based on the construction progress. After paying the total price of the house, the notary office will contact the Land Registration Management Department to change the property rights. The time will last from several weeks to several months, depending on the region and specific conditions.