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Changing the employee visa to German permanent residence:

The new immigration law is corresponding to permanent residency, giving the holders a permanent residence permit and allowing them to work. The Article 9 of New Immigration Law (Niederlassungserlaubnis) stipulates the prerequisites for residence, the most important of which are: foreigners holding a long-term residence permit in Germany for five years, able to ensure a secure living, pay the social insurance premiums for 60 months, and have a license for economic activity (work), a specific knowledge of German, basic understanding of legal and social order and life in Germany, and a sufficient living space for family.

Changing the corporate visa to German permanent residence:

For applicants choosing a corporate visa, the Article 21 of German Immigration Law (Selbständige Tätigkeit) states that an independent operator (business owner or freelancer) who meets the following three essentials can be granted a residence permit and hold this residence permit, and then change into a permanent residence after three years:

1. Can comply with the upper-level economic interests or regional special needs

2. The company’s business shall have a positive impact on the economy

3. Can secure the funds required by the company through its capital or loans 

Changing the Blue Card visa to German permanent residence:

For the EU, which serves as an international regional organization with high political and economic integration, it has primarily facilitated foreign citizens who have lived in the EU long term freedom of movement in various European countries and conduct economic activities that are beneficial to the EU. The EU Permanent Residence Card is also not limited to the permanent residence right of a single member state. Regardless of a German corporate visa, a German employee visa, or an EU Blue Card, any foreigner can apply for EU permanent residence if they are eligible to meet certain conditions.